September 24, 2016

Give Your Thumb Some Rest!

As we jostle in this fact-paced life, Many of us are busy sifting through various browsers and applications that makes our life complicated and takes away most of our time-  We definitely need to find an easier and faster way to share those interesting and funny videos that are making the rounds on twitter. We need -to find a feasible way to get, on- the- go opinion concerning the dress we plan to buy online. We must think of a practical way to send the best of jokes to our friend, who is getting bored -through the daily travails of life!

Therefore, we need to have quick fix – way to browse and share the news that has taken the world by the storm, in a more rapid and prompt fashion than the lengthy – multi-step route that we take up, today.

There couldn’t have been a perfect time to have an Gluekey, Give Your Thumb Some Rest!

App which can transform browsing, discovering and sharing of data, forever. A wonderful tool in our hands -that re-defines advancement and speed in the world, where the people want all the information, in a tap or two.

The time has come, when the people can afford to give their thumbs some rest, as GlueKey Keypad mows down the laborious  multi-step procedure of browsing, discovering and sharing into just three. The Gluekey keypad shrinks the entire procedure, making the facility of browsing, selecting and sharing presented on a single screen. It eliminates the hassle of juggling among mobile applications for sharing a piece of vital information. The struggle of closing the messaging application, opening another application, to copy the URL, and then again switching to the messaging application in-order to send the same to your friend is entirely thrown out of the picture.

The Gluekey Keypad – makes this chaotic procedure and presents  us with information that can be discovered, liked and shared by just –three taps. GlueKey will change the way how we share the information, across the world.


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