September 21, 2016

A Recap on Keypads!

Mobile has evolved from a brick that was used to speak and break walnuts, have turned to be the prized possession and status symbol. With time, the mobile applications have evolved and its utility has expanded multi fold. Today, our mobile has turned out to be smarter than most people on the face of Earth.

The alphanumeric keypad that facilitated typing, initially, was tedious and tiring. People had to vigorously press on the numeric protruded keys to type out a single line message. The process was laborious to an extent that people used their phones, bare minimum for the purpose of texting.

T9 predictive text keypad brought in the custom of texting into the lives of many. It simplified alphanumeric keypad by predicting words and thus, removing the hassle of multi-typing a single key.

The hassle of pressing on keys numerous times, was done away with. Moreover, the approach of a keyboard made one’s finger flow effortlessly to type out the message in their heads.

Now, the time has come to re-define the keypad and gift your phone with the feature of advanced texting. GlueKey keypad is blessed with the best of features that ever existed, and has been modified to enhance its utility. It has four magical dots on its top left that eases the process of texting, discovering while texting and sharing through a text. It is a revolutionary keypad that would develop and shorten the exhausting process of discovering, browsing and sharing on your phones.

It is this Intelligent keypad that makes your smart phone, Smarter.

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