December 8, 2016

Stressful day at work!

It ‘s Monday. I had a lot of work waiting for me at the office. I am not afraid of the work. But in a moment when I was on very important Skype call with shoes manufacturer in China, my boss sent me a message which needed an urgent reply.

He was in Mumbai, running late for a meeting with business partner and he forgot to write the partner’s address. Normally, when my boss requires something I leave everything what I am doing and get on to it. But this time I couldn’t leave my client waiting on Skype call and I couldn’t leave my boss waiting.

Thanks to GLUEKEY app and its special feature SEARCH, while I was texting my boss I searched for the address right there, without leaving Messages. When I found what I was looking for I sent the link with just two taps. Ten minutes later, I received big «THANK YOU» message.

My boss arrived at the destination and I was so glad that I helped him. With just few taps, GLUEKEY helped me to solve this situation. It is so great when you don’t have to leave your application when you want to search for something. GLUEKEY saved my day.


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